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To students at certain (but not all) marine engineering colleges in the UK: Please Read

It has been brought to my attention that certain lecturers and one lecturer in particular (no names, no pack drill, but I do know who he is), has been advising students not to buy my books as they ascertain that they are full of mistakes and incorrect procedures etc.


I was at sea for 25 years during which I sailed on many types of vessel with both 2 and 4 stroke main propulsion systems, rising to the rank of Chief Engineer. I also worked for a while in the shipyards in Japan overseeing the installation and commissioning of the 2 and 4 stroke main propulsion plant. I was a Senior Lecturer at Warsash Maritime Academy until I retired last July. For over 20 years I taught Chief and Second Engineers Motor EKs maintaining a pass rate of between 75 and 100% (twice that of other UK establishments). During my time at the college I made several trips to sea, to update my knowledge and have attended several engine builders courses including those for the electronic 2 stroke engines. (I believe that one of my critics spent most of his time at sea on one particular vessel which is not even diesel powered, and has limited 2 stroke experience).


I started the marinediesels website in 2000 and started selling the Q and A books a few years later. Over the years, I have had many dozens, if not hundreds of emails from successful students telling me that they passed the exams because of the help given to them in my books.


Most of the answers in my books are based on my practical experience at sea, especially those answers which cover maintenance procedures and breakdown reports. Some answers come directly from the engine builders manuals (whose procedures in some cases DO USE BULLET POINTS!!) The answers to questions on latest technology are based on research on the engine builders websites and papers read at institute meetings.


No one person is 100% totally correct in everything, and I am not trying to claim that my answers are perfect. However if these critics of my books and self proclaimed experts believe themselves to be the font of all knowledge then why don't they email me to point out my errors. I could then either amend my answers or explain my reasoning for my answer. I am not the first to publish answers to chiefs and second engineer motor eks. A lecturer at John Moores (before it closed) who also is an examiner for the SQA/MCA used to record cassette tapes of the answers which he sold to students ( I still have a copy somewhere)


As a matter of interest I could point out at least 2 major mistakes in a well known text book on marine diesel engines, but, as I say no one is 100% totally correct in everything.


I always told my students not to try and learn the answers "parrot fashion" but to use the answers as a basis for understanding when formulating their own answers. Hopefully you will find the sketches useful ( I expect if you look through you college notes you will find that some of them have been taken from my website without permission.)


I leave you to make up your own mind. I always offer a 7 day refund if you are not satisfied and wish to return your purchase. Challenge your lecturers and ask them to back up their statements if they say my answer is wrong. I welcome any feedback, especially if these critics wish to contact me, use the email link below.


email me at


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