Operational Theory







The piston is NOT at mid stroke at 90 crank angle!




Maximum velocity occurs at about 70 After Top Dead Centre.




The piston is accelerating fastest as it comes over Top Dead Centre.




The theoretical cycle on which the 2 stroke diesel engine cycle is based.




The dual combustion cycle is closer to the 2 stroke diesel engine cycle




Shows the PV diagram, crank angle and out of phase diagram for a 2 stroke engine.




The thrust on the crosshead guides varies with piston load and conrod angle.


How to calculate the air required for combustion of fuel oil


How to calculate the energy release when burning a fuel


James Watt and the Horsepower. Watts it all about!


Talk the Torque The relationship between torque, work and power


Calories to Joules. And just what is a BTU?




Power Cards: What they are and how to interpret them.

Out of phase and draw cards: What they are, and how to take them.

Procedure for taking indicator cards.

Computer derived indicator cards.

The light spring diagram: What it is, and faults that it shows.

Faults with indicator diagrams

The difference between Mean Indicated Pressure (MIP) and Mean Effective Pressure (MEP) The water brake.

How to balance an engine using peak pressures.

Other methods of assessing engine power: Manufacturers Graph, Torsionmeter

Propeller curves and Engine Load Diagrams

Downloadable spreadsheets for piston position, velocity and acceleration.

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