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Motor and General EK books now include MARCH 21 Q and A

The Two Stroke Engine

Crankcase Explosions


Poor Injection Causes Explosion

 Piston Seizure Smashes Engine

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New EK Management Syllabus

The Four Stroke Engine



Maintenance & Repairs

Horror Stories


Main Thrust Bearing Repair




Crack Detection





Operating With or Repairing Slipped Crankshaft



Diaphragm Plate Metalock Repair




Testbed Smash



  In Members Section


Common Rail Systems and the Computer Controlled Electronic Engine



Bearings Section Main, Bottom End, Crosshead, Piston Pin,and Thrust Bearings. Thickwall Bearings plus Bearing Faults and identification.


Engine Performance Assessment: Power Cards, Draw Cards, Computer Generated Cards and More

Chiefs and 2nds Oral Questions

Alignment of Large 2 Stroke on Chockfast


Changing to Ultra Low sulphur fuel

Electronically Controlled Camshaftless

Engines - An Overview


The Dual Fuel Engine as used on the Latest LNG Carriers

The 2 Stroke Dual Fuel Engine

MAN B&W VIT Fuel Pump

Marpol Annex VI

New Pollution Regs in EU Ports

Fatigue and Stress in Materials


Removal of Broken cylinder head stud by Foretract Engineering

New To Marine Diesel Engines?

Want to know the basics?

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Fuel System

Air Start System

Cooling Water System


At what point is max Piston velocity and acceleration? Ideal Cycles, Diesel Cycles, Power Diagrams.



Calculate combustion air and energy content of fuel, Horsepower and Watts. Talk the Torque



Historical Engine Section


The Miller Cycle Used with Variable Inlet Valve Closing to Lower Emissions




Crosshead Lubrication

Sulzer boost the oil pressure, MANB&W don't. Find out why!


Forging and Assembly of Semi Built Crankshaft

Motor EK Question and Answers

Studying for your Chiefs or Seconds Ticket?

Model answers to SQA Management motor and general (part A) exam questions from the past 8 Years.  Each book covers over 200 questions up to March 2021.


 Second Engineer Motor and General EKs up to July 2017 also Available


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The aims of this Web Site are:

  • To provide and share information on the construction, running and maintenance of both slow speed 2 stroke marine diesel engines and medium speed 4 stroke marine diesel engines as found on the majority of ocean going merchant vessels.

  • To aid cadet engineer officers in their understanding of these large powerful engines.

  • To help students studying towards MCA certificates of competency by giving hints on how to answer examination questions.

  • To provide links to manufacturers, regulatory bodies, and other sites of interest.

Help me make this site better still.......email me and let me have details of problems you have experienced and how you solved them,....photographs of engines, maintenance work etc....any constructive comments you may have......Thankyou

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