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MAN B&W Diesel Ltd., manufactures the MAN B&W MC engine, 4 stroke engines, Propellers, Turbochargers, Mirrlees Blackstone, Paxman, Ruston diesel and Pielstick


The Wartsila Corporation Manufactures Warsila 4 stroke and Sulzer 2 and 4 stroke engines


Mitsubishi manufactures the UE 2 Stroke engine, turbochargers and the KU 4 stroke engine as well as steam turbines, boilers, and almost everything else!


Lloyds Register UK Classification Society


American Bureau of Shipping US Classification Society. Lots here including the downloadable Surveyor magazine which has lots of relevant articles. Knocks the Lloyds website into a cocked hat.


Det Norske Veritas Norwegian Classification Society. Some useful information here including a downloadable pdf on Marpol VI


The International association of Classification Societies. This website has some useful info including downloadable pdf on machinery installation requirements


The Maritime and Coastguard Agency Website. Loads of info here on safety.


A link to a directory of all sorts of manufacturers connected with the marine industry from ABB turbochargers to Zorya gas turbine plants.


Quality Monitoring Instruments. Manufacturer of Oil Mist Detectors


Schaller Automation. Manufacturer of Oil Mist Detectors has initiated and is sponsoring this website which includes a forum on crankcase explosions for more information on crankcase explosions see also horror stories section


Kidde Fire protection manufacture the Graviner oil mist detector


Kittiwake manufactures Fuel oil and water testing equipment. This company site is a mine of information.


Jensen Lubricators. Manufacturers of cylinder lubrication equipment.


Use this site for fault finding on all the major makes of turbocharger. Hosted by Turbo Service International it is a  handy site. Take a look!


Daros Piston ring manufacturer based in Sweden, company has an informative website with the offer of a free CD on piston ring manufacture and operation.


Precision Products Ltd Based in Chesterfield UK. Manufactures piston rings for large marine diesels engines


Standard Piston Ring Co. Has information on piston rings and stuffing boxes


HJM Marine regrind crankshafts.


In Situ machining shows details of repairs to crankshafts, laser alignment, line borinfg and a lot more.



Foretract Engineering are experts in on site, broken stud removal on marine engines /gas turbines and the repair and maintenance of advanced electrically controlled hydraulic systems. See details of broken cylinder head stud removal HERE


Metalock developed the ingenious metal stitching repair method.


HA Springer Manufacture Epocast 36, a two-component pourable chocking compound with excellent physical characteristics replacing the conventional method of steel chocks when used for mounting main and auxiliary engines, gear boxes, steering gears, thrust bearings, stern tubes, etc. Download The Instruction Book Here


Cast iron and cast steel is used extensively in marine diesel engines, Cast Iron Welding Services repair cylinder heads, cylinder covers, turbocharger casings, liners, valve housings.


Renk manufacture Reduction Gear.


Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology If you're a member you can get your textbooks at a discount. Publisher of the Marine Engineers Review.


The Motor Ship is essential reading if you are serious about keeping up with latest developments.


Warsash Nautical Books can supply textbooks if you are studying for a Certificate of Competency or just want more information on all things Nautical!


This is a very good site by Canadian Marine Engineer Martin Leduc. Highly recommended with loads of info, pics and links. Check it out.  is an excellent site by Marine Engineer Brian Beattie. It covers a wide range of subjects and is a must for students of marine engineering.


Steam Esteem, a highly informative site by Lars Josefsson is well worth a visit.


Does the memory of the Doxford Engine bring a tear to the eye? Read about the Poxy Doxy here


The Dieselhouse museum in Copenhagen is worth a visit. Download the video of their 1932 vintage 840mm bore 8 cylinder 2 stroke


Interested in going to sea as an Engineer? Go to The Marine Society's website and follow the links

Maritime Attorney Tim Akpinar - legal counsel for matters related to the design, construction, operation, and propulsion of commercial and recreational vessels.

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