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Bedplates Framing and Holding Down

The Two Stroke Crosshead Engine Bedplate

Bedplate Cracks in Sulzer RTA84T Engines

The 2 Stroke Engine Frames

The 2 Stroke Engine Entablature

The 2 Stroke Engine Tie Bolts

Four Stroke Medium Speed Construction

Holding Down and Alignment

Alignment on Chockfast of MAN B&W 2 Stroke Engine


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Crankshafts and Running Gear

The Forged Crankshaft

The Fully Built Crankshaft

The Semi Built Crankshaft

The Welded Crankshaft

Crankshaft Stresses

Crankshaft Slip

Crankshaft Inspection

Crankshaft Deflections

Weardown and Clearance

Main Bearing Removal

The Connecting Rod

Opening up the Bottom end for Inspection

The Crosshead

Removing the Crosshead

The Piston Rod Stuffing Box


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Liners and Pistons

The Two Stroke Cylinder Liner

The Four Stroke Cylinder Liner

Cylinder Liner Wear

Cylinder Liner Lubrication

Cylinder Liner Gauging

Cylinder Liner Replacement

The 2 Stroke Crosshead Engine Piston

The 4 Stroke Medium Speed Trunk Engine Piston

The Rotating Piston

Piston Rings

Anti Polishing Rings

Piston Removal and Inspection

Emergency Operation

Cooling Water Treatment


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Cylinder Heads and Valves

The Two Stroke Cylinder Head

The Four Stroke Cylinder Head

The Cylinder Relief Valve

The Air Start Valve

The Fuel Injector

The Two Stroke Exhaust Valve

The Four Stroke Inlet and Exhaust Valves


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Fuel Pumps

Helical Scroll Pump - Basic Principles

Pumps for Small Engines

The Sulzer ZA40 Fuel Pump

The MAN B&W MC Engine Fuel Pump

The Sulzer RTA Engine Fuel Pump

VIT and Fuel Quality Adjustment

Fuel Pump Timing

Sulzer RTA Fuel Pump Timing

Lifting The Fuel Pump or Shutting Off Fuel

Fuel Pump Maintenance


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The Axial Turbocharger Construction

The Radial Turbocharger Construction

Pulse and Constant Pressure Turbocharging

Two Stage and Sequential Turbocharging

Turbocharger Surging and Matching

Air Assist For Starting and Lambda Controller

Auxiliary Blowers and Under Piston Scavenging

Cleaning the Turbocharger

Running With Turbocharger Out of Operation

Renewing the Bearings on a VTR T/C

Bearing Removal on a MET SE83 T/C

Turbo-Compound (PTI) Systems

Air Coolers and Water Catchers


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Camshafts and Reversing


Cam Profiles

Renewing Damaged Cam

Chain Drives

Chain Inspection and Adjustment

Chain Elongation and Camshaft Retiming

Polygon Effect

Renewing Timing Chain

Moment Compensators

Gearwheel Drives

Lost Motion Angles and Reversing Direction

The Sulzer RTA Reversing Servomotor

 MAN B&W 2 Stroke Engine Reversing

 Four Stroke Engine Reversing

 Electronic Control - No Camshaft


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Air Compressors and Starting

Air Start Compressors

Air Compressor Safety Devices

Air Receivers

The Start Air System

The Automatic Valve

The Air Start Distributor

The Air Start Valve

Air Start Explosions and Safety Devices

Sulzer RTA Air Start System

MAN B&W MC Air Start System

MAN B&W L58/64 Air Start System

Sulzer ZA40 Air Start System

Air and Hydraulic Powered Starting Motors

Starting on Bridge Control

Sulzer RTA Local Control 

MAN B&W Local Control

Fault Finding

Chief Engineer Questions - Compressors 

Second Engineer Questions - Compressors

Chief Engineer Questions - Air Start

Second Engineer Questions - Air Start



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Common Rail Electronic Engines

Fuel Injection - A Short History

The Sulzer RT Flex Fuel Injection System

The Sulzer RTFlex Exhaust valve Operation

The Sulzer RTFlex Air Start System

The MAN B&W ME Engine

The MAN B&W ME Engine Fuel System

The MAN B&W ME Engine Exhaust Valve Actuator

The MAN B&W ME Engine Air Start System

The MAN B&W ME Cylinder Lubrication System

 Medium Speed Common Rail Systems                                   

Chief Engineer Exam Questions


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Indicator Cards and Power Assessment

The Ideal DieselCycle         

The Dual Combustion Cycle

The Actual Diesel Cycle

How to Take A Power Card

Out Of Phase or Draw Cards

The Light Spring Diagram

Engine Indicator Faults

MIP, MEP, Balancing Engine

Balancing an Engine Using Peak Pressures

Computer Generated Diagrams

Other Methods of Determining Engine Power

Chief Engineers Exam Questions 

Second Engineers Exam Questions


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Crankcase Explosions

The Reina Del Pacifico

Court Report of Reina del Pacifico.

Sequence of Events Leading up to a Crankcase Explosion

Crankcase Relief Valves

Oil Mist Detectors

Alternative Methods of Detecting a Dangerous Condition

Reducing Risks of an Explosion

Action to Be Taken in The Event of a High Oil Mist Alarm

Crankcase Explosion - Case History 1

Crankcase Explosion - Case History 2

Chief Engineers Exam Questions 

Second Engineers Exam Questions


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Fuel Oil

The Refining Process

Fuel Oil Grades and Bunkering

Fuel Oil Testing

Storage and Purification of Fuels

The Fuel Oil System 


Viscosity Control

Low Sulphur Fuels and SECAs

Chief Engineers Exam Questions

Second Engineers Exam Questions


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Lubricating Oil and Bearings

The Lube Oil System

Lube Oil Characteristics

Lube Oil Testing

Microbiological (microbial) Contamination

Lube Oil Filtration

Hydrodynamic Lubrication

Bearing Materials

Thickwall Bearings

Bearing Design

Bearing Faults

Chief Engineers Exam Questions

Second Engineers Exam Questions


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Clutches, Couplings and Gearing

Flexible Couplings


Reduction Gear

Chief Engineers Exam Questions

Second Engineers Exam Questions

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Principle of the Governor

The Hydraulic Governor

The Load Sensing Governor

The Electronic Governor

Governor Examination Sketches

Chief Engineers Exam Questions

Second Engineers Exam Questions



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